Within the scope of the LOTOS-RALLYE the nights are spent in selected hotels in the major cities of Cambodia. Also in the rural areas, the optimal accommodations on the route are awaiting you. When crossing the subtropical jungle, where the nearest hotel is too far away, there will be an overnight stay in a guest house. Here you can see how the locals live in the countryside of Cambodia.

Hotels of the LOTOS-RALLYE


Day Location Hotel
Day 1-2 Phnom Penh Palace Gate Hotel
Day 3-4 Kep Veranda Bungalows
Day 5 Kirirom VKirirom Resort
Day 6-7 Koh Kong 4 Rivers Lodge
Day 8 Veal Veng Vibol Guesthouse
Day 9 Pailin Memorial Palace hotel
Day 10-11 Battambang Battambang Resort
Day 12-14 Siem Reap Hillocks Hotel