The LOTOS-RALLYE is organized by the GF Media Marketing Berlin Ltd. in cooperation with Cambodian Travel Partner.

Berlin-based agency, GF Media Marketing, organizes, among others, customer and press events in the Asian region as well as different events for external clients in Cambodia. CEO Günther Frauenkron, a former rally driver, is an expert of Southeast Asia expert and takes over the guidance of the organization and the rally on site.

Partner in Cambodia is the company Cambodian Travel Partner. Together with his wife, Lily, Dutch-owner, André Ruys, has  been organizing Jeep tours through Cambodia among others for several years. Lily Lim Ruys is a native Cambodian and speaks the local language. Together with his wife, Andre Ruys will accompany the rally and take over the vice-leadership of the organization of the LOTOS-RALLYE.


Rally and organization management
Guenther Frauenkron

Organization management assistant
Andrew Ruys

Organization team
GF MediaMarketing Berlin Ltd.
Cambodian Travel Partner